Board Liaisons

The Board’s role is to establish policies and procedures for the District.  The Board’s role is not implementation of policies and procedures.  The Board possesses duties as it relates to visibility, communication with the public and community outreach.  The school board liaison role is one method to assist the Board in engaging directly with the community and improve communication.  The school board liaison is not an advocate for specific buildings or issues, but rather serves to ensure that Board members have an opportunity to listen to and communicate with constituents on a regular basis. 

Each school shall have one (1) assigned school board member serve as liaison for the academic year.

School Visits: Board members should make an effort to attend school functions. Where possible, the board member should alert the school principal in advance of his or her attendance. Board members who are not assigned liaisons to schools, but desire to attend a function at the school are encouraged to attend. In those instances, where possible, the unassigned Board member should alert the principal in advance of his or her attendance.  Principals are encouraged to contact their liaison or the Board Secretary with invitations to school events.

School Parent-Teacher Organization (“PTO”) Meetings: Board member liaisons must take initiative in communicating with school principals and school PTO presidents.  Board member liaisons should make themselves available to attend a PTO meeting of the assigned school at least once per semester upon invitation from school principal and/or school PTO president. The Board member liaison should inform the school principal and school PTO president of his or her availability and willingness to attend a meeting at the start of the academic year. The Board member liaison should re-iterate his or her availability and willingness to attend a meeting to the school principal and school  PTO president at the start of second semester where appropriate, such as to serve as a reminder.

Board Member Reporting: Board member liaisons should report school visits and PTO meeting attendance in writing in the Board Liaison Report circulated monthly by the Board Secretary. 

The PdF can be found here.