For School Staff

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LogoAs parent leaders and educators, you know that the strength and future of our community is reliant upon our youth. Our District is very fortunate to have parents and community members who voluntarily give up their time for our students. They are an important partner in one of the most important jobs there is, educating our youth.

It’s because of this partnership we’ve created O.N.E., Our Network for Education. The O.N.E. Program falls under the District Key Interest: “Foster mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that expand learning opportunities and resources.” Each school’s volunteer program reflects the unique needs of their students and the district-wide program provides an umbrella of support and assistance to each school.

****Please note, a valuable guidebook is on the left of this page, along with an online form to make volunteer requests.****

If you have further questions or need additional information, contact Roxane Hagedorn, or x21584.

Thank you! Our Network for Education makes a positive difference in our children’s future!